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Qriptos allows you to manage your assets and create meaningful connections within the crypto community. Our unique features allow you to find and connect with crypto users in your direct vicinity, making Qriptos the first social crypto wallet of its kind.

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Non-Custodial Wallet

Combining top-tier security standards with a user-friendly interface, our wallet simplifies your crypto transactions while ensuring utmost safety. Manage your digital assets with ease and confidence.

Touch the Grass


Connect with individuals who share your interest in cryptocurrency, right in your neighborhood. It’s a new and exciting way to expand your network and forge new friendships in the crypto world.

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User Ownership

Qriptos ensures that your digital assets are yours alone, your identity is securely managed, and your conversations remain private. True ownership in a digital world.

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Direct chat to your web3 friends using their wallet addresses or web3 domains. A secure, straightforward way to communicate within the crypto community. Whether planning trades or sharing insights, our chat feature keeps you connected.

Reward System

Our Rewards system incentivizes your activity on the app. Earn rewards using various Qriptos features, enhancing your participation in the crypto community. The more you engage, the more you earn!

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Networking at major crypto conferences

Connect with fellow crypto enthusiasts at global events. Discover peers, exchange insights and foster collaborations on the spot.

Morning crypto chats in the park

Transform a morning walk into a crypto brainstorming session. Share investment strategies, and discuss market trends with your neighbor.

Launch party for crypto startups

Kickstart your crypto venture with a bang. Organize a launch hangout to share your vision, attract collaborators, and get instant feedback from the local community

Casual meetups at local cafés

Bond over blockchain at your favorite café. Whether it's a casual chat or a deep dive into DeFi, find your tribe and fuel your passion.

Impromptu crypto discussions anywhere

Spur-of-the-moment crypto talks can happen anywhere. Share a recent find, explore a new token, or dissect the latest news on the fly.

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Real-Life Connections

There are crypto folks around you, 
you just don’t know it yet.

At Qriptos, our goal is simple: to bring the crypto community together. We know that crypto can feel solitary, but it doesn't have to be. That's why we're creating a space where crypto enthusiasts can easily find each other, share insights, and meet up. Whether it's discovering like-minded neighbors or joining local hangouts, Qriptos is your gateway to a more connected crypto world.


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Frequently asked questions

How does Qriptos ensure user ownership?

In Qriptos, 'ownership' is ensured through three key features: Firstly, our non-custodial wallet setup grants you complete control over your assets. Secondly, integrating Web3 domains allows you to have unique ownership of your username. Lastly, by utilizing XMTP and Push Chat, we ensure that you have full ownership of your conversations, maintaining privacy and autonomy.

How does Qriptos chat work?

Qriptos utilizes XMTP in the backend to power its chat functionality, ensuring that all conversations are private and end-to-end encrypted. This allows you to send messages directly to other users using their wallet address or a web3 domain from ENS or Unstoppable Domains. Additionally, you can seamlessly carry your conversations to other apps that support XMTP, maintaining continuity across platforms.

How does the reward system work?

The rewards system functions across all of Qriptos' features. You earn Points for activities such as using the wallet with dApps, completing your profile, referring friends, attending events, hanging out with friends, and more.

How does the Hangout feature work and is it available for me?

The Hangout feature is designed to help you form real-life connections with crypto enthusiasts in your area. It allows you to easily find and meet up with others based on your location and the crypto assets you both hold. Initially, this feature will be locked until a sufficient number of users from your area join Qriptos. However, there's good news: you can help unlock this feature by inviting your friends to join Qriptos, and you'll earn rewards in exchange!

How does the Qriptos app ensure safe meetups?

At Qriptos, user safety is paramount, especially when it comes to our Hangouts feature. We ensure safe meetups by fostering a community where users can build reputable profiles, enhancing trust. Our robust privacy settings and straightforward reporting system allow users to control their interactions and report concerns. Additionally, we provide clear safety guidelines and require mutual consent for all hangouts.